To Students: To provide education through quality content and guide startup individuals to strengthen their skills, help them identify their passion and secure them to break their way to the field of cyber security.

To Authors: To help them advertise their expertise through recommended books and aims to solidify the bond between the community and the authors.

To Open Source Developers: To advertise their work that benefits the community.

To All: To promote shared based learning, make an impact to other individual’s life and aim to encourage everyone to contribute to each other’s learning.

To the future: To aim for a safer cyber space for everyone by providing skilled individuals to organizations.


With quality content and through shared based education we will make the future of cyberspace a safe space for everyone.


The opinions expressed in this blog are my own views and I have based the review on personal research. All the content in this blog is completely original; this might mention any other blog posts, magazine article, any book, and there I regret any resemblance with any of the aforementioned, and would like to assure you that it was unintentional. Moreover, I do not intent to be offensive towards who read this blog, if anything written can be perceived as hurtful to any community or person, I apologize, but that wasn’t the sole purpose of this project.  

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