JavaScript Malware Analysis using - Malzilla

Malzilla is a GUI-based tool for analyzing malicious JavaScript and Web pages. It is specifically built to deobfuscate JavaScript by using SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine for executing JavaScript code.

JavaScript Analysis From Malware Analysis Perspective:

This involves examining the code to uncover potential malicious behavior, understand its functionality, and identify any obfuscation techniques employed. By dissecting the JavaScript, analysts aim to detect payload delivery mechanisms, identify suspicious patterns, and determine the impact it may have on systems and data.

JavaScript analysis plays a crucial role in cybersecurity, enabling researchers to identify and mitigate potential threats. Malicious JavaScript continues to be a favored vector for attacks, ranging from spear-phishing campaigns to drive-by downloads.

The use of tools like Malzilla significantly enhances the analysis process, making it faster and more efficient. By leveraging such tools, security professionals can effectively dissect malicious code and respond swiftly to protect their systems and data.