Build Your Own Malware Analysis Lab

Malware Analysis is the process of determining the intent and behavior of a suspicious file or URL. The analysis’ output aids in the development of indicators-of-compromise, that aid in the detection and response of a potential threat.

What exactly is malware? Malware is a tool used by malicious actors to carry out their destructive motives. Malware is technically defined as malicious software—software with malicious intentions.

Malware Analysis Environment – Executing the analysis in a secure and isolated environment is a key component of the malware analyst’s hygiene since the files being analyzed during the analysis may include malicious code that will and can infect the analyst’s machine.

No time building your own Malware Analysis lab? Download a Pre-Built Virtual Machine below.
REMNux –

Please copy and enter the decryption key below to continue download your Windows-based VM:

Windows 10×64: rCkfUy4IoRrtulXo9bKXbsmVkKb1NypTWcJH8Y7XCtU

Windows 7×64: AMUtF8H3lh13ECuN_U0csJ0JpoVKzO58ig3p38-f9XM

Windows 10×64 Flare VM: NtC3qSFVwdmZg5Ao7sn8PIQXUAcei9g3tdVbdlJU3s0