Document Analysis

During an incident, an analyst must develop the skills needed to perform the necessary steps to analyze a document, as adversaries are constantly innovating and looking for creative ways to gain an initial foothold in their target organization. 

  Social engineering and phishing are responsible for almost 90% of all digital attacks today, duping their target into falling for their malicious intent and directing them to click on the malicious attachment. This is done by exploiting human nature like fear and exploiting an unpatched software or vulnerability on their system, which gives the attackers an initial foot-hold inside the organization, if done successfully.

  In the rise of the popularity of Ransomware, 90% of their techniques to attain access to their target organization are through social engineering and phishing. Gaining an initial foot-hold, then lateral movement, having a full control of the environment, then dropping malicious and destructive malware. Ransomware gangs are now targeting financial, health care, government sectors and even small businesses which mean this is getting worse if we don’t find a way to address this issue. 

   As we are entering into the new world, we should address the cyber risk as a major issue and aim to find a way to minimize the damage it may cause to organizations and individual’s lives in the future. I think the best way to have a fight on this current issue is to fight social engineering and phishing through employee awareness and to equip our future analyst with the skills to perform document analysis.