Incident Response with RegRipper by Harlan Carvey

Effectively Using RegRipper 3.0, Harlan Carvey, OSDFCon 2020

What is RegRipper?

RegRipper is an open source forensic software application developed by Harlan Carvey, and what it does is extract data from the Windows Registry, ranging from user-related registry to system registry and etc.

RegRipper has a set of plugins that can be used by the examiner to suit their needs.

Explore the tool and its uses cases here: RegRipper

SAM Hive

System Hive

System Hive

Software Hive

About Harlan

Harlan Carvey is a senior-level cyber security advisor and researcher, poised at the intersection of digital forensics and incident response, threat hunting, and threat intel. The prolific published author (9 titles) wrote the first book of its kind regarding analysis of the Windows Registry. An accomplished public speaker, innovative researcher and analyst.

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