Endpoint Incident Response using - PSDecode

PSDecode is a powershell script module for decoding powershell obfuscated scripts. This tool removes layered obfuscated techniques like strings concatenating and string replacement.

From Malware Analysis perspective adversaries frequently employ encoding and obfuscation techniques to camouflage their downloader scripts, aiming to evade detection and hinder analysis by security professionals. By encoding and obfuscating their scripts, adversaries can make it difficult for security solutions to identify and analyze the malicious intent embedded within the code.

Adversaries encode and obfuscate their downloader scripts to enhance their chances of successful infiltration, impede analysis, and protect their techniques. As defenders, it is crucial to know advanced techniques and tools capable of overcoming these obfuscation methods to effectively detect, analyze, and mitigate emerging threats.

To use PSDecode, create a directory named “PSDecode” under “WindowsPowerShell/v1.0”

See Image for reference.