Getting Started with Dynamic Analysis using Windows Sysinternals

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Scenario: You are tasked with investigating a sample and gather as much data from it as possible. Execute the sample and use the technique discussed in Dynamic Analysis with Sysinternals.

Note: Use a separate machine to perform this task.

Tool: Windows Sysinternals

Question 1: Can you identify the name of a malicious process after executing it? How is the process malicious?

Question 2: Can you identify the persistence mechanism of the sample? How does it survive the reboot?

Question 3: Can you identify the Process ID and the Parent Process ID?

Question 4: Can you identify the file created by the sample?

Question 5: Can you recognize the artifacts in network traffic logs?

Question 6: Can you see the suspicious process inside the Run registry key? If not, why so?

#note: Use a separate isolated machine to perform this task.